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Capturing speed settings

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Posted:  13 Dec 2017 17:11   Last Edited By: Justme611

I would like to suggest adding in settings possibily to set timestamps how fast FS is making another shots (for "entire page" and "selection" capturing)... like delay after page scroll down and before screen is taken.

When you're doing print screens of huge pages and ones with alot heavy graphics "printscreen" is offen taken before certain part of webpage loads (anyway at some services which dont load everything at once).

When using FS at such services I would love to be able to add for example 500-1500ms delay after page is moved and before shot is taken. My documents sometimes have 500-1000 .pdf pages so its a bummer when you have to repeat all since begining becouse of  few % missing containt.

2. Perhaps it would be possible to add also pdf editing before saving to file at hdd? To be precise: option to set how document is devided at separate pages (in which moments "cuts" are made). If that's too much work you could atleast add option to save entire .pdf as one page (withing dividing).

Kind regards
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