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Error results from captured area printing.

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Posted:  30 Aug 2014 04:10
The error message below....results following every printing of a captured
FIRESHOT screen shot AFTER closing MOZILLA FIREFOX browser. Further
testing here shows same message displays at closing of Firefox when the
PRINT button is pressed, and then printing is cancelled. So problem appears to be associated with Fireshot-Firefox conflict print function.
Procedure: Open Firefox browser, navigate to desired area to capture. Click
Fireshot icon (NOTE:  Default tool button in my Preferences is set to 'Capture
selected Area' and 'Edit') and define area to be captured. Release, and Fireshot edit screen opens. Click "print........proceed to printing (or cancel).
Close Firefox browser, short delay...error is displayed. Clicking OK removes it,
but very annoying   NOT URL selective - occurs every time from any site.

===================== Screen display extract ===================
firefox.exe - Application Error
The instruction at "0x749860b0" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The
memory could not be "read"
Click on OK to terminate the program

Fireshot Pro for Firefox (Premium, registered)
Mozilla Firefox: 28.0
Fireshot: v.0.98.59
O.S.  Windows XP Home Edition, SP3
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