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PDF OCR FireShot

Introducing Text-Searchable PDFs

No need to run OCR to capture full web pages and save them to text-searchable PDFs. Use FireShot Pro!

Create text-searchable PDFs with FireShot Pro.

Additionally implemented:

  • New Save to PDF dialog. Customize page headers, footers and watermarks, page size and smart page breaks.
  • Added new locales.
  • Fixed FTP filename encoding.
  • Added PDF Page Number field to header/footer/watermark template.
  • Fixed an issue, when FireShot added attachments to all new GMail emails.
  • Improved performance.
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Get more productivity with FireShot Pro:

  • Advanced capturing for frames, iframes and divs
  • Advanced Editor: Undo/Redo, Resize, Crop and Save features
  • Optimized speed and performance
  • Create multi-page PDF files
  • Printing and Uploading features
  • Work with Projects
  • Custom watermarks, headers and footers
  • Extended E-Mail support
  • Extended browser version compatibility (including betas)
  • Free major and minor upgrades
  • Direct Drag&Drop support for Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, etc
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