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Send To Clipboard with Clickable URL When Pasted

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Posted:  01 Jan 2020 14:41
Hello I have tried searching the forums for an answer and if I missed it I apologize but I am curious if either of the following options is even possible; they are both attempting to do the same thing:

Quick Version:

I want to be able to paste from the clipboard and have a clickable URL for where the capture came from that does not cover part of the capture. This is what I tried:

1) Can you change the placement of the option "Add webpage URL as Text object" so it does not cover part of the capture and can you add the date possibly; the placement is the big issue I can live without the date.

2) Can footer text templates with URL's have the URL's be clickable if placed from the clipboard into an application that recognizes links (an application like OneNote)?

Longer Version:

What I want:
I would like to replicate what happens when you do "Capture Selection and Send to OneNote" however instead have it as send it to the Clipboard. With the result being that when I paste from the clipboard into OneNote that the outcome is the same/similar to as if I had just done it with the Send to OneNote option.

1) My first attempt to create this functionality was to place a check mark next to "Add webpage URL as Text object" located under Options->Editor Options->General->Capturing. This partially works but the result is less than desirable since the "Text Object" covers part of the capture combined with lacking other information such as date/time and title. Again the placement is my real concern here I am okay with not having the other information even though it would be nice.

2) For my second attempt to achieve this functionality I have checked "add footer" and selected "create from text template" with the following string "Taken on %m-%d-%y at %H:%M:%S from this site: %u" in the "Create from text template"  field. It does produce the information I want and I am able to use the "Top Margin" placement option to prevent it from covering the capture but the actual link is not clickable, when using send to OneNote or the "Add webpage URL as Text object" the link would be clickable.

So is what I am attempting to do possible with the application in its current form or would this have to be a new feature? What I am truly attempting to replicate is a feature that was originally built into OneNote that no longer functions. So if you have a solution that only works for pasting from the clipboard into OneNote that contains the information I want and does not cover the capture that would be all that I want, it does not have to work with any other application. This program currently is much closer than any other program that I have tried in replicating this functionality.

Thanks in advance for any information that can be provided,
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