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Can't change default save folder

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Posted:  13 Sep 2011 05:53
Fireshot 0.92
Windows Vista Business
Firefox 5.0.1

I love Fireshot but I've got a really annoying problem.

Some time ago, I created a folder to save my screenshots into and Fireshot now always tries to save the shots to that folder. It even recreates the folder after I've deleted it in file manager.

I've tried changing the default folder in Fireshot settings but it makes no difference. Is there no way to change the default save folder - it's driving me crazy! sad

Steps to reproduce:

- Open Firefox
- Click on Fireshot S button (Capture Entire page and edit)
- Shot appears in new window
- Click on Save screenshot to disk button (2nd button in menu)
- Save screenshot window appears with old project folder selected

How do I change this folder?!


Mike smile
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 20:18   Last Edited By: TeeJay
I have the same problem. I dimly recall that there are certain "hidden" preferences that require a key combination or other voodoo to reveal. If anyone has this information, please pass it along. I strongly suggest that all FireShot preferences be easily accessed and fully documented.

FireShot 0.92
Windows 7 Starter SP1
Firefox 6.02
Same steps as posted by Mike1366 above
Posted:  05 Sep 2013 20:21
I cannot see this problem with the current version. Maybe it has accidentally been fixed along with other changes.
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