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How do you save a screen shot as a PDF pages file AND then automatically open in Acrobat

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Posted:  04 Sep 2020 17:22
I want to create Fireshot screenshots that are automatically saved as PDF files that are automatically formatted as letter size pages AND then opens that saved file in Acrobat rather than opening the folder containing the file.  You can capture the whole screen shot and save as a PDF formatted as multiple letter size pages, but there's no option to open the file automatically so I can read it and see that it correctly formatted; the only option is to automatically open the folder containing the file, which takes extra steps to open the file and then close that opened folder each time, which is time consuming and a real pain in the ass when you are taking multiple screen shots.  You instead can capture the whole page AND automatically open it in the external editor (Acrobat), but then there is no option to have the screen shot automatically saved AND converted to multiple letter size pages.  You used to be able to do what I want until the last 2 versions of Fireshot.  Why was that eliminated???  It is what made Fireshot different from most other screen capture programs & why I used Fireshot.

Plugin Version = 0.98.98
OS = Win 7 Pro SP1
Browser = Firefox 80.0.1
URL = https://www.accountingtoday.com/list/8-tax-areas-to-factor-into-d ...
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