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Upgraded to Pro/Stopped Working

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Posted:  05 Nov 2019 09:56
I've had great success using the free version of the software to download high-resolution maps from googlemaps using Google Map Customizer on Chrome.
(http://www.chengfolio.com/google_map_customizer#satellitemap).  The image files I was producing using the free version were 12000 X 12000 pixels, so about 300mb.  No problem.

I wanted to try to double that resolution, but after capturing the screenshots, fireshot reported that the file was too large.  So I upgraded to pro.  Now when I run fireshot it goes through the motions of capturing the screenshots... and then nothing.  It doesn't seem to dump the file anywhere, it doesn't open another tab, and it doesn't open an editing session.  Just... nothing.  I went back to the old resolution and am having the same problem.  The upgrade seems to have tanked me. 

Time-sensitive project.  Thanks for any help.
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