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Fireshot turns itself off in Chrome

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Posted:  15 Dec 2018 18:09
I have Fireshot in my Chrome and Firefox browsers. The one in Chrome is giving me problems, it keeps turning itself off.

If I go in settings more tools  Extension, its tuned off, so I turn it back on and restart the browser. Then it appear for a few second before disappearing from my browser bar and in settings its turned off again.

Clue:- I first started noticing this behaviour shortly after changing anti virus to Bit Defender 2019. Not sure if the two are related.

Is there a workaround, I miss my Fireshot, I use it a lot for full page captures.
Posted:  22 Dec 2018 05:30   Last Edited By: JK
Wow, this looks ugly. My theory is that Bit Defender does some modification inside the FireShot's folder, and Chrome detects that and automatically disables the modified extension for the security concerns.

My advice is to make a clean FireShot install, then check, whether Bit Defender really makes any modification.
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