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I Have A Complaint

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Posted:  27 Jun 2018 06:09
Win 10 Pro, English
Chrome ver.67 x64

You folks advertise a "free" lite version but NO CLEAR link to download it. ONLY option really is to buy your $40 version. I am an old man, retired and living on a fixed income with no extra money right now. I was a electronic design engineer specializing in both hardware and software and have a high-end PC that I do a lot of Photoshop-ing pictures for my large family and as a design platform for the machine embroidery that I do as well.
I am disappointed because I wanted to write technical "How To" articles that had decent screen shots. I want to be SURE the program I choose to do this with will do the job......
Floyd, Orem UT 84058
Posted:  28 Jun 2018 08:56
Hello, the links are:

Firefox: http://bit.ly/11TWBkm
Chrome: http://bit.ly/UX33Hw
IE: http://bit.ly/PkjSas
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