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ScreenCapture + Outlook

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Posted:  25 Jul 2017 01:16
Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this situation?

I have a client that deals mostly with elderly people, so they would like to make everything as easy as possible. (everything they need to see should be in the email and readable, no attachments)

I have tried the fireshot utility and it does a great job at capturing the image. I can nicely copy and paste the image into the email message, but the image gets resized once it sends to the recipient and the image is very difficult to read.

Attachment would be ideal or having the end user just Ctrl + Scroll would work as well, but they refuse to go that route... Any ideas??
Posted:  25 Jul 2017 13:42   Last Edited By: JK
Hello. Apologies, FireShot does not currently support interaction with the Outlook website. However, it should work with the desktop version of Outlook. Another way is to use Gmail.
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