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Capture entire page and EMAIL

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Posted:  12 Dec 2016 18:29   Last Edited By: kingston
I am looking for a Firefox add-on that does exactly what fireshot does, with one exception. I need it to capture the entire page and email it.
It would be great if fireshot could open the standard email application with the captured web page already added as an attachment to the email.

I know I could just save the entire page as a jpg or pdf, open the email application, compose a new message, attach the pdf, add recipient and send.

unfortunately it's not for me. it's for my older parents, I need a button in firefox that just does that for them or they get overwhelmed...

anyway that is my feature request.

Posted:  12 Dec 2016 18:54
currently an entire web page is sent to a printer. when it comes out, it is fed into a fax machine and sent off. paper copy was never needed.

one click web page sent to fax machine

more info:
Right click on a web page and send to email.
Email will always be sent to the same address. A virtual fax.
Subject will have to be entered each time and is the fax number of the person you wish to send the attachment to. 
Web page will be attached to email.
Once email is sent to the virtual fax address, the attachment will automatically be faxed to the phone number in the subject line
Posted:  13 Dec 2016 12:19
Hello. The advanced version of FireShot have the capability to send captures directly to your email program. Did you try it?
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