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Firefox 64bit - Waterfox, Pale Moon

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Posted:  28 Apr 2014 19:55
Good day...I've FireShot 0.98.54 installed on Waterfox 28.0 (64bit), Windows 7 Pro 64bit. 

When attempting (with AV disabled) to do any screenshot from inside Waterfox, the result is:   Error: couldn't open library sss.dll   

(FS capture works fine from IE v11 64bit, Chrome v34)

I've done some searching and the only results I've found is from non-FS websites, each result indicating that FS doesn't operate on 64bit Waterfox or Pale Moon--and I'd suspect too on 64bit Firefox 31 (alpha).  So, I'd like to request a 64bit compilation of the Firefox plug-in, as feasible.
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Posted:  01 May 2014 01:02
Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, this is impossible at the moment.
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Posted:  03 May 2014 19:23
Thank you for at least acknowledging this. It's good enough. https://imagicon.info/cat/13-77/smile3.png
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