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Why has this page appeared?

This page is showing because you've selected a hyperlink within a PDF document generated by FireShot Lite. This complimentary version routes web links in PDFs through

To avoid redirection and get direct links, please capture web pages and convert them to PDF with FireShot Pro.


FireShot Pro - what's this?

FireShot Pro is a web extension, that adds a button to your browser. With FireShot Pro you can create full web page screenshots, save them to PDFs with direct links, or create PNG or JPEG images from web pages.

FireShot Pro is not just a web page grabber. It provides a built-in Editor, so you can edit the captured page, blur sensitive information, highlight paragraphs or images, and add comments.

Additionally, you can configure FireShot Pro to create watermarks, headers and footers using smart templates.

With the built-in Print dialog, you can print web page screenshots, and get exactly what you want to see on a paper.

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How to switch to FireShot Pro