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Let the webpage configure FirShot

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Posted:  23 Nov 2007 16:13
Hi JK/Evgeny, or who ever you are. Nice little app here. :-)

I would love to have the beta testers of our website use this plugin to report feedback about our site - it is easy - and a picture plus their own textual explanation at the click of a button is exactly what we need.

So, what would be perfect is to reduce the competence requirements of our beta testers on how to create good feebacks - thus to increase the value of the feedback.

If we could embed metadata in the HTML header that would be specific to FireShot, it would open up for a lot of flexibility.

For instance:
<meta name="FireShot_mailto" content="bugs@mysite.com" />
<meta name="FireShot_metadata" content="some data, whatever, that would be included in the mail as regular text, e.g. debug dump data about session, user-id etc" />

I think you get the point. This would definitively make FireShot the preferred choice in a beta-testing environment!

Posted:  23 Nov 2007 17:24
Sounds really interesting, though the biggest problem will be to make it useable.
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Posted:  30 Mar 2014 15:25
Count me in here please. It would be very nice to see this as one of the options. https://imagicon.info/cat/13-77/smile3.png
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