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How to capture top window (not this with the browser) ?

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Posted:  30 Jun 2022 13:07
Hi Everyone

I'm facing an issue with capturing window which is on the top and it already happen twice that at very first time FireShot niceely scrolled top window and captured what has to be captured but solely at the very 1st time (in Opera and Chrome).

However from 2nd attempt onwards I can't achieve the same goal. Every single time window which is underneath of the top one is being captured.

Please take a look on a prinscreen and advise how I can capture window at the top (whole one, so it has to be scrolled by Fireshot). Prinrscreen:


Thank you!
Posted:  30 Jun 2022 16:30
Can you please try the option "Capture selection" in Pro mode?
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Posted:  30 Jun 2022 18:15
Capture selection as name itself suggests will capture only particular section which at the moment visible...and nevertheless I tried along with all remaining options.

I'm aiming for a whole window from the top to the bottom.
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