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Problem with fireshot on a Mac.

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Posted:  10 Sep 2021 03:40
I'm a licensed Pro user on the Widows platform. 3.5 years ago, I moved over to the Mac platform. 10.14.6: I used a basic version of ScreenShot on Chrome all this time. A few weeks ago, ScreenShot upgraded itself and I can configure the file name template settings but it won't save or apply the settings.
All I get are a sequence of letters and numbers. When I open options, The settings I entered are correct, but still just letters and numbers show up in the saved file.

OS type: OSX 10.14.6
Chrome:Version 92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (x86_64)
click Screenshot, save as pdf: File saved does not reflect the entered file name template:
Any website...

Thanks for any help...  Have been using since day one with Fireshot!
Roger S,
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