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columns vanish when attemting to copy region

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Posted:  06 Mar 2021 06:58
FireShot 98.98, MS Windows 7, English, Firefox 79.0
When I start to select an area to copy by pressing Ctrl Sh Y and the page dims and the first 2 columns vanish. Login is required to access the problem page,  the most that can be done would be to make page code available. When I click on Image above to show the effect, I am ask to enter a URL for the image but it won't copy from the clipboard. the link is https://c.mail.com/@889354915774734947/T_Xs5rAgRmO66YgpFBLs_A
Posted:  09 Mar 2021 08:05
Thank you for your report. Yes, we're aware of this problem. At the moment, there's no solution to it.
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