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Thunderbird: Fireshot Pro is not shown as add-on after installation

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Posted:  14 Apr 2020 19:23
I bought the Pro version a few days ago, the main reason for buying the normal version was to be able to use it directly in emails like I used to do with Thunderbird. Because I often create screenshots of newsletters directly for my work, so that I don't have to use their link "Online display in browser" as a detour.

Unfortunately the add-on does not work at all, even after restarting the system. Although I checked Thunderbird (see here first screenshot https://getfireshot.com/using.php#activating) in the installation tool (fireshot-install-0_98_97_2.exe) and no errors were displayed during the installation (only Opera and Edge had to be installed additionally via a web address. In my Thunderbird 68.7.0 (32-Bit) all the previous ones are listed under Addons, but not Fireshot itself. How can it be used then?

The above page doesn't help me, because only in the first paragraph the word Thunderbrid appears twice, but the activation is unfortunately not explained.

Thanks and best regards
Plugin version (fireshot-install-0_98_97_2.exe)
OS type and version (MS Windows 10 Home, 10.0.18363)
Version of Thunderbird 68.7.0 (32-Bit)
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