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FireShot 0.85 not working with Firefox 3.6.8

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Posted:  30 Aug 2010 14:20
Hi, I'm using Firefox 3.6.8 and up until half an hour ago FireShot was working perfectly, as it has for months.  I was so delighted by this that I wondered if there might be an update and there was.  However, am now very disappointed to find after installing FireShot update 0.85 that FireShot will no longer work.

If I try to take a screen-shot of a Firefox page I get a message saying Fireshot needs XMLLITE.DLL.  Then it says it can't locate sss.dll, and then other error messages follow.

I have tried re-installing the latest Fireshot and then switching off the computer and re-booting, but the same error messages appear.

I hope this isn't the end of FireShot.

Please let me know if you solve the problem.

Posted:  30 Aug 2010 14:23
P.S.  Just noticed the extra info you want:

I use XP Professional SP2, English.

And although I only ever you Fireshot to take screen-shots, I notice that it's not possible now for the program to be opened at all.

Posted:  16 Mar 2014 15:49
How about updating to at least Sp3, I think that will just fix everything here. But I haven't really tried it yet. https://imagicon.info/cat/13-77/smile3.png
Posted:  16 Mar 2014 21:39
Rickyjm, thanks for your message!  It reminded me of the existence of Fireshot!  It's been a long time since Fireshot stopped working for me under XP, and since then I've had to buy a new computer and it came installed with Windows 7.  So your message prompted me to see if Fireshot would work with Windows 7 and the installation has just gone like a breeze!  So thanks.  I've been making do with Shift+PrtSc for the past four years, and it will be nice now to be able to capture WHOLE pages again, using Fireshot!  So thanks for the prompting!
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