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Capture with Infinite Scrolling

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Posted:  28 Jun 2022 08:17
I'm a new user and just recently trying the product for the first time. Unfortunately, it's not meeting my needs. I was excited to learn about FireShot's infinite Scrolling Capture which is the main reason I chose to upgrade to Pro.  However, I soon realize there's a JPG limit of 65500 pixel height for images, therefore, it's not possible to truly capture infinite scrolling. Why doesn't FireShot try to support a multi-image download when the JPG limit of 65500 is reached i.e. split into multiple images to get around the 65500 limit.  Therefore, true infinite scrolling could be supported. Please help.  Again, infinite scrolling is the main reason I chose to upgrade.  Note: when I chose PDF download when the JPG limit was reach, the PDF download doesn't work either.  I get an error that "The dimensions of this page are out-of-range. Page content might be truncated"  and I end up with an incomplete PDF file.  Thanks,
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