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OSX on all browsers? How to do it? Or Should I Get a Refund?

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Posted:  14 Jun 2022 17:50
Did i make a mistake purchasing a license?
I cannot figure out how to put the OSX Pro Version on all my browsers on this old Mac Pro 10.11.6?  And I have a new MacBook in transit.
Fireshot is fine on Firefox, my default browser but how do I get it on Chrome, Brave, other forks? No others display, "Licensing Info" in the dropdown.
I downloaded the latest but it's only a windows (.exe) install.
Did I buy too soon? Should I get a refund and stick with the free version I've had for years?
I had promised Evgeny I would purchase the app once it was available on OSX just because I was so pleased with the free version over the years. But now I don't know.
If my hunch is correct and it's not ready for prime time issue a refund to the credit card I used after you reply.
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