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Fireshot chrome plugin installation error

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Posted:  05 Mar 2022 22:12
I bought today the pro version of your add-on and suffered several bugs.
1st: when installing the 'fireshot-chrome-plugin.exe' part of the add-on to be able to use the whole features on my Windows10 computer, an installation error window appeared. I made screenshot of it, if needed, and copy here the text written in it :
-Begin of window-
There was a problem during the FireShot maintenance :
"Error copying native host to:
1. Make sure the advanced version of FireShot is not running.
2. Make sure the destination folder exists. Create it manually.
3. Make sure the destination folder is writable.
4. You may also try running the executable with admin privileges.
If nothing helps, please report this error to:
-End of window-
[*none of the so-called tips worked to take off the error warning, but some files are written in the dest folder, anyway I ignore if it is the 'good' ones... As I tried to use the add-on and suffered other bugs, maybe the software is not entirely installed, I don't know. Other bugs seen :
- entire page capture doesn't work, only visible part is captured, whatever the site I tried the capture on;
- sending to OneNote doesn't work, as the app pretend it's not installed (it is installed, and directly from the Microsoft store, which means the install folder of OneNote is the default one, as the installation of Store apps can't be configured.
I am really disappointed, and wonder if I must ask for a refunding.]
Posted:  08 Mar 2022 23:45
Hello. Sure, refund is not a problem. However, can you please check your anti-virus software if it's not preventing the installation from creating a file "fireshot-chrome-plugin.exe" in the specified location.

P.S. Please also make sure you're using the latest build: https://getfireshot.com/fireshot-pro-install.exe
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