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Screen Shot of a portion of Page or program NOT within a browser on another monitor

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Posted:  09 Sep 2021 12:20
I use multiple monitors (4).  I have a browser open on 1 of them and use other programs, NOT within a browser on the other 3.  I often want to take a screen shot of a portion of one of the screens NOT within a browser, and then email a link of that screenshot to others with whom I work.  I tried putting a minimized browser on one of the other monitors but it only takes a screenshot of the minimized browser.  It does not allow me to select a portion of the screen.  I thought FireShot offered the same functionality as Techsmith Capture with a lot more functionality, editing and storage capability.

I have scanned through the forum and found people asking about this functionality in 2007 that it was being worked on.  It is now 2021.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply
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