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FireShot with FireFox not generating PDF

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Posted:  21 Oct 2020 22:57   Last Edited By: mwrich
Windows 7 Pro
Firefox(latest) 77.0
FireShot 98.98

I just noticed that PDFs I thought I had been saving for some time were not being created.  I found my default had changed to 'save as PNG' but I have never used that.  Additionally, when I tried to open the Licensing Info or Miscellaneous options I would get no dialog box.

After reading a few posts I downloaded and installed 98.98 even though Firefox extensions said I already had 98.98.  I tried restarting the browser without a reboot of Windows and then trying Save as PDF and edit.  That worked.  Then I went back to Save as PDF and that was now working.  Also, the Licensing and Miscellaneous options were now working again.

I'll update this topic if the product stops functioning again.  (hope the above helps)

PS it seems to have stopped generating the PDFs giving PNGs instead after I installed 98.97.2.  I can't tell when or if I actually installed 98.98 before now.
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