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More crisp PDF captures

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Posted:  24 Aug 2020 19:19
Is it possible to incorporate an option for a higher quality, incredibly crisp PDF capture? I appreciate that the file sizes are so small, but I would like the option to take screenshots that have higher file size and have very crisp lines even when zoomed out. Forgive me if this is already possible and I missed it.

All the updates look amazing, thank you!
Posted:  25 Aug 2020 17:05
Thank you. The text quality should be the same as on the source page, is you set zoom ratio to 100. Can you please check that?
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Posted:  25 Aug 2020 20:55
Thanks for the quick reply! I am zoomed in to 100% and I tested it at 170% as well. Both have a slight blurring around the edges of letters and objects that make the PDF look a little degraded.

While the PDF is adequate for regular use, we sometimes put them through a process that will degrade the image further (which is a process that cannot be changed), so I want to provide it with the highest quality captures possible (using the save as PDF function).

Thanks again!
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