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Incomplete capture - same fault as print preview

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Posted:  10 Aug 2020 05:48   Last Edited By: robeyw
Using Fireshot 0.98.98, MS Windows 7 in English,, FireFox 79.0
Selected region shown size 1329 X 6799 Copied to clipboard then viewed in image editor. Last valid line is 935, remainder is background. This stopping point is the same as I get with print preview. One reason to use webpage capture is to overcome Firefox's common print failures.
source URL https://chroniclymediseasesummit4.com/reg-offer/?idev_id=863 but there are many things  expanded before the capture attempt.
I tried this a second time and found that in the selection window, everything below the failure point above was also background only. I thought it was all there in the first case but could have only seen the desired end boundary mark  for the capture. The browser console does not contain anything.

When I try capturing portions containing lines of event photos, only the first line in the selection is captured. The remainder of the image is background.
Posted:  10 Aug 2020 16:41
Hello. I can confirm that on that page the problem is caused by dynamic content, which is created/destroyed while the page is being scrolled. We're planning to implement a configurable delay during scroll steps to allow the content to update itself completely before FireShot takes a snapshot.
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