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Fireshot does not capture the entire web page

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Posted:  21 Jun 2020 20:47
I just installed the fireshot 6.5 chrome extension and tested it using a twitter page link.
It does not capture the entire web page. It captures maybe 15% only.

I don't mind paying for the pro version BUT i need the software to capture the ENTIRE web page.
I do not mind if it has to break the web page into separate file because of size.
Posted:  22 Jun 2020 09:48   Last Edited By: JK
Thank you for your feedback. Yes, there's something we can improve in one of the next versions of FireShot - how to handle endless pages. The problem in the "endless page" is while you're scrolling the page, new content is being preloaded. This is the cause - the content is not loaded yet, so you get a blank area.

My suggestion will be to scroll the Twitter page down up to the content you want to capture, wait till it's loaded, then start FireShot.
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