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Print to PDF Header/Footer

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Posted:  01 May 2020 01:15
I'm looking to include headers and footers to every page of the printed PDF to look like it was printed from Chrome. Customization as in Chrome would be great too. But the general format would be:

URL bottom left
"Page #"/"Number of Pages" bottom right
Title top center
Date top left

I'm aware that you can add to the header or footer of the image, but I need it on every page of the PDF.

Also, filename customization for printing to PDF would be great too!

Hoping to recommend this product to the rest of my company if these can be added!
Posted:  01 May 2020 20:28
Hello. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Yes, this functionality (as well as the text-searchable PDFs) will be available in our next update this month.
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