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Unable to Save as Multipage PDF

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Posted:  01 Nov 2019 21:55
I have seen this in other posts but have not found a resolution.  Please let me know if this is a known bug and I am wasting my time trying to uncover the proper setting(s).  I am licensed for the Pro version.

I am going to certain websites and trying to capture them to multipage PDFs.  I am aware there are options to Ask, Create Automatically or Do Not Create multipage PDF files, but changing this option seems to have no effect.  It is capturing the page at a percentage smaller than 100% and keeping the capture to one page rather than creating multiples at the full size.  I have been testing all the settings to no avail.

Here is a sample link that I have tested.  Tell me if you are able to print this to a multiple page tiff and if so what your settings look like.  Also-- when using Chrome, the page header displays multiple times in the resulting PDF which is also an issue. It does not do this in IE.

https://web.archive.org/web/20130122120705/http:/www.lancope.com/ ...

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