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When capturing screen selection, Fireshot scrolls down automatically & gets wrong image

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Posted:  19 Sep 2019 16:36
I'm using the FireShot 0.98.96 plugin for Chrome, which I'm running on Version 77.0.3865.75, with a mac on Mojave 10.14.6.

FireShot was working fine for several weeks, then recently started displaying weird behaviour: when I try to take selection screenshots on some pages (e.g. https://gre.magoosh.com/questions/209/a/285134193), I see that the extension's automatically scrolling down slightly, then capturing an image of the same size desired but further down the page. So I don't generally get what I actually want.

(This happens when I'm taking small screenshots in the middle of the page, so I'm not just accidentally scrolling down or something.)

Much appreciated if you can help, since I'd like to continue using the extension! I'd definitely want a fix before even considering paying for more features.
Posted:  05 Apr 2020 11:02
I'm having this issue with specifically capturing Instagram images as well... the background involuntarily scrolls, meaning I lose part of the image I've intended to capture. I'm extremely frustrated.
Posted:  08 Apr 2020 00:59
Hello, as a workaround, can you please use the command "Capture visible part and edit", then crop the image to desired extents?
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