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Scrrenshot in two steps instead in a single step

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Posted:  26 Dec 2018 14:25
FireShot is a good add-on, but on one of my computers, Fireshot Add-on for Firefox does not allow to create the screenshot directly in the tab in one step, but opens an additional tab with an URL with moz-extension:// type in which it is then possible, in a second step, to choose the copy mode (pdf, clipboard, etc).
How is it possible to perform a screenshot as on my other computers in a single step by choosing directly the copy mode in the tab to be copied et without the opening of this moz-extension:// tab?
Already tried to remove extension and reload it, but no change on this problem.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Plugin version: FireShot
OS type and version: MS Windows 10 Enterprise x64 - 1709 - 16299.611, French
Version of browser : Firefox 63.0.3 (32 bits) - French
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