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Upload to *my* server

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Posted:  10 Jun 2008 13:34
Plugin version: FireShot 0.50
OS type and version: MS Windows XP Professional SP2, English
Version of Firefox: Firefox/

I would find this add-on much more useful if I could upload the screenshots to my own server (via FTP, for example.) I would simply be more comfortable knowing it's on my server than someone else's since I'm using these s-shots for my blog.

BTW: I wrote a review for it there: http://www.grinn.net/blog/dev/2008/06/fireshot-firefox-add-on-takes-screen.html
Posted:  14 Sep 2008 20:42
I second this. I think it's nice you will be offering the free image hosting but, think it would be even better if you gave users the option of ftp to own server as suggested.
Posted:  25 May 2014 19:53
I really hope this gets considered. Bumping this up. https://imagicon.info/cat/13-77/smile3.png
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