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FireShot doesn't wait for pages to refresh

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Posted:  14 Dec 2018 19:25
I'm using the feature to save multiple entire tabs at once and since I have many tabs opened some of them are blank and will take a couple of seconds to automatically refresh once they are activated.
When FireShot takes a shot of a tab and moves to a blank tab for the next shot, instead of waiting a couple of seconds for the page to refresh, it moves to next tab skipping the previous one.
FireShot should have an option to allow users to choose how many seconds they are willing to wait for a page to refresh, and for this it would need to be able to check if a page is blank or not in the first place - I don't know if it already does it but it should be easy to implement regardless.
Out of 70 pages opened with SnapLink Plus I'm lucky if FireShot saves more than 50 of them.
I'm using the temporary PRO trial of the latest version on the latest version of Firefox, but I believe this issue exists in all versions of FireShot.
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