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Not only is FireShot not working, but the message I've written about it not working isn't posting

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Posted:  25 Oct 2017 01:04   Last Edited By: AnneOnymous
Spent an hour and a half trying to fix the FireShot problem and documenting it all super-thoroughly, just like the guidelines say to do, and what do I get when I click Post?  "This message cannot be posted".  No indication why or what I can do about it, just the message won't post.  What the ...?
Posted:  25 Oct 2017 01:12
OK, for some reason it won't post the log.  The message posted fine without the log, but not with it.  Tried posting the log on its own in a post in case the reason was overall length of message (but who would suspect that a length limit existed in a forum where you're told to include as much additional info as you can?).  However, either there is an unspecified length limit and the log on its own is longer than it, or else there's something else about the log that this site does not like.
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