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Freezes at the bottom while attempting to capture full page

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Posted:  18 Jul 2017 15:11
I seem to have difficulty capturing this (entire) page: http://www.nickvogt.com/stuff/html-special-character-codes/

It scans through the page, but freezes at the end.
As a programmer, I could imagine it is the pixel height of the page. so I changed the top padding to make the page just a couple of pixels taller. This solved the problem.

You will need to check the scanning loop for the end-of-page triggering.

Have fun,
PS. I'm using the Vivaldi browser (vivaldi.com)
Posted:  18 Jul 2017 16:16

I didn't need to surgically change the length of the page.

All I needed to do was to change the height of the window slightly and the problem vanished.

Again, indicating a problem in the final loop of the scanning control loop.

By the way, the FireShot version is

Have fun,
Posted:  25 Jul 2017 13:32
Hello friend,

Thank you for your report! I tried to re-create this problem, but I was not able to do this. Please let me know, if you encounter this problem again.
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