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Scrolling Crop Function or Zoom Out Function

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Posted:  24 Apr 2008 18:50
was wondering if you could make the current crop feature also scroll the page when you drag on the crop corners. a long page of pictures takes awhile to crop when you have to mouse scroll the page while making adjustments to the crop corners.
a zoom out or in function would also help with large crop jobs.

A print button is another thing i was thinking this add on needs.

keep up the good work.
Great add on!!!
Posted:  26 Apr 2008 16:01

Scrolling - next release,
zoom out/printing - queued.
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Posted:  12 Apr 2014 15:57
Hi everyone, is scrolling already available? I'm still not seeing this as one of the options. https://imagicon.info/cat/13-77/smile3.png
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