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Last version: hot keys don't work in Chrome

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Posted:  19 Nov 2016 10:12
My fireshot has been updated to the last version (0.98.91) and from that moment hot keys don't work.
Need to mention, they start to work if I turn on fireshot manually, take screen of the page and if I want the take screen of the same page the second time, it works.
Posted:  23 Nov 2016 07:41
TOTALLY THE SAME issue here, btw,  there're several feedback on
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/take-webpage-screenshot ...
for this same issues by others.
so, pls fix it, it affects lots of chrome users.

Posted:  24 Nov 2016 01:51
Think, we will not get real support here. Admin just doesn't want to answer nor here, nor in google Google Webstore comments, nor Facebook.
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