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No margins headers or footers on continuation pages in Fireshot captures saved as multipage PDF

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Posted:  29 Aug 2016 06:17
How to fix this please?
[img][img]C:\Users\vlp\Documents\!!VLP COMPUTER SETTINGS\!       FIXES INSTALS TO DO HPTS\fireshot no footers, headers or margins on PDF continuation pages  (FireShot 2016-08-28,10_45_20).pdf  @ 2016-08-28, 11.48.22.png[/img][/img]

- Oh... no workable upload link.  How do I upload a screenshot please?

Windows 8.1,
- Oh - can't copy/paste fireshot version from info window, and can't type in firefox when the fireshot info window is open, so I'll screenshot it with another screenshot application then carefully type it here... v.0.98.89.
Firefox 48.0.2 (copy pasted from about window)
Happens every time.  I have tried adding a margin in options but it doesnt work, no difference.  Unfortunately no facility to upload screenshots...
Happens with all webpage urls.  Facebook, ebay, your own page at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fireshot/

Thanks, I hope for an URGENT resolution.  So far its completely unusable as parts of the pages cannot be printed as outside the printer boundaries.
Posted:  29 Aug 2016 06:30
Also, how do I include page number and total pages in header or footer please?
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