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0.98.88 Using capture/Element and option not removing grey as it goes to shot

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Posted:  25 Aug 2016 14:56
Plugin version 0.98.88
OS type and version Windows 7 Sp1
    Version of browser Firefox 48.0.2
    Steps to reproduce the bug When right clicking on a web page selecting fireshot, capture selection/element and then copy to clipboard when you have then made your selection it is not dropping the grey overlay to allow for a successful screenshot.
Posted:  25 Aug 2016 16:14
Thanks, I need some more testing for the new build to make sure it solves this issue. You can find details here: http://getfireshot.com/testing.php
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Posted:  25 Aug 2016 16:44
i think this is fixed. I had to drop my browser to tho to ensure it loaded the new code as at first it didnt look like it had till i had done this.
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