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FireShot does not work on some websites

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Posted:  14 Mar 2016 19:43
FireShot 0.98.85
Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1 German
Chrome 49.0.2623.87 m
Print of captured areas on some web sites
www.wetter.de; www.wetteronline.de

FireShot does not work on some websites (see above for examples). It is not possible to produce prints, PDFs etc. Also there is no sound for any action. Could it be that some web pages block FireShot?

Many thanks for any answer!
Posted:  15 Mar 2016 05:54
Hi Klaus,

www.wetter.de - gets captured by the Pro just fine - if you're curious why it's not working for you, please send me the logs in the console (Ctrl+Shift+J).

www.wetteronline.de - found a bug in FireShot, the fix will be available soon, please get back in a week, download http://getfireshot.com/fireshot-install.exe and reinstall FireShot Pro.
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