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Demo is much too fast to follow

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Posted:  01 Jun 2014 19:18
The demo is much too fast for me to follow, hence I haven't been able to play with the  program once during the 30-day demo trial period.  Is there any damn way to slow down the demo or even pause so dummies like me can figure out how to use it?  Otherwise I will have to uninstall it.

Unable to view the Plugin version since my 30-day trial has expired.

OS and browser:  Win 7 Pro 64 bit, Firefox 29.0.1
Posted:  08 Jun 2014 09:43
You can use the pause button located at the top panel:
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Posted:  08 Jun 2014 14:13
Thanks, that helps immeasurably.  I'm so used to looking for the pause button at the bottom that I didn't even notice it on the top.  Besides my eyes were so busy trying to follow the demo, which I couldn't, that my attention was diverted from that tool bar.  This is surely easier for someone to follow who uses Photoshop or some other graphics tweaking program.  Wish I could reset the trial period so I could really test drive it now!
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