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scroll function while capture selected area please

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Posted:  16 Apr 2014 21:28
Hello, I just tried the demo. But I need a scroll function because I do "Capture selected area and copy to clipboard" option but it doesn't let me scroll the page down to capture the ENTIRE image that I need. Any possible way to do this?
Posted:  17 Apr 2014 08:34

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    Version of Firefox (i.e. Firefox/
    Steps to reproduce the bug (i.e. Start FX, open FireShot editor, create a shape and try to save - you'll get an access violation xxxxxx)
    Webpage URL causing this problem

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Posted:  19 Apr 2014 18:31
— Clicking "Capture entire Page and..." grabs entire web page including the areas that you cannot see without scrolling.

There you go. https://imagicon.info/cat/13-77/smile3.png
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