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Any way to take screencaptures of obscenely long web pages?

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Posted:  06 Mar 2014 11:13
I've had a few recently where even with every other program on my computer closed (so there's 3GB+ of RAM free) FireShot can't capture a full page screenshot.

These pages are obscenely long - here's an example:

Is there any way to get FireShot to save chunks of the screenshot to disk, rather than trying to hold it in RAM? I don't think PNG is a format that can be streamed to disk, but maybe combining smaller images after capturing could work?

OS: MS Windows XP SP3, English
Plugin: 0.98.47
Plugin host: Chrome 33.0.1750.146 m
Steps: Capture full page and save to file
Posted:  09 Mar 2014 16:55
I don't think that there's a feature for this yet. Might as well have this suggested. I'm also open for a work around. https://imagicon.info/cat/13-77/smile3.png
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